Placement Process

1. We receive your request via phone, email, in-person, fax or go to our contact page.

2. We either assess your needs by phone or in-person asking key questions about the individual’s medical condition. This intake information will indicate the level of care or service's the individual requires, resolve financial quarries, and provide facilities located in desired areas.

After the initial intake information we then contact the most appropriate options for your unique situation. Once we locate the desired areas, we then meet with individual client in order to tour the facilities together. During this time, we would visit with other residents, meet each facility provider, and talk about potential options.

4. In the same time we request a mandatory assessment in-person with a registered nurse (RN), which is required by the state of Washington. The fee for this assessment will be paid by the client to the registered nurse (RN) and it's ranging between $300 & $350.

5. Once you have decided which facility option works best for your situation, we then make arrangements for your move-in date and continue to be involved until settled into the new location.

6. 14-30 days after your relocation, we follow-up with you and the facility to see how you’ve adjusted.